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West End House Girls Camp looks amazing! How can the price be so reasonable?

WEHGC is a non-profit organization, privately overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. We believe in creating a culture of community service and we cultivate affordable excellence in our facilities, programming and traditions. We are proud that WEHGC is such a great value and continues to become a favorite girls camp in Maine!

Where do the campers come from?

Though many of our campers come from Massachusetts and Maine, WEHGC is open to any camper who is interested in attending!

How many children are at camp?

Each summer WEHGC serves approximately 48 per session for a total of 192 campers during the summer season. We are known for being a small, welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable community.

My daughter wants to go, but we (the parents) are nervous. Or, we know that camp will be a great experience for our daughter but she is reluctant to attend. What do we do?

We encourage guardians and children to discuss this among themselves and view this website together. Additionally, meeting the director, attending an info night or our annual camp reunion will help to answer questions and create friendships with other campers. For more information, please contact our director at

What address should I use to send mail to my daughter?

39 Pine Ridge Road
Parsonsfield, ME 04028

What are the bunks like?

Roomy, comfortable, modern, and beautiful are words used to describe the cabins at WEHGC. We believe in excellence and our cabins are no exception! You camper will experience a modern facility equipped with a private bathroom, living area and deck overlooking the lake.

Photos of our facilities can be found here.

Where can I find an extra copy of the medical form?

Please click here.

I have a son/brother, do you have a boys camp?

Yes, we do! Our brother camp is the West End House Camp, a famous camp established in 1908. Check out their site here for more info!

Is there a lost & found?

WEHGC will keep lost and found belongings for up to two weeks after the end of each camp session. After two weeks, all abandoned articles will be donated to a charitable organization.

Upon return home, please make sure to check your camper’s luggage to make sure that she is not missing any items. If she is, please contact WEHGC. We will check the lost and found for the item.

Are phone calls allowed?

In an effort to create program continuity and foster the best experience for your camper, WEHGC does not allow parents/guardians to call their children while camp is in session.

If you are worried about your camper or would like to know how they are doing, you are welcome to call and speak with the Director or another Leadership Staff. We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have.

If any serious problems arise while at camp, please note that we will be in contact with you.

Is transportation provided?

We offer round-trip transportation to camp from Boston. More information about pick up and drop off times will be sent in your camper information packet.