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The best thing about camp is that over the session the staff become your best friends and I can be myself. It’s a judgment free zone and that’s hard to find.
— Toni

Camp means meeting new friends, having fun, campfires, and being active!
— Mahogany

Camp is different than city life. You’re allowed to be silly and yourself here.
— Haylee

Camp is my home away from home. I feel like I am able to connect with campers on a personal level and although the girls may be strangers to each other at the beginning of the session, they leave as friends.
— Johanna, Staff

When I’m at camp I feel like I can accomplish things in life.
— D’Aieon

When I’m at camp I feel like I can be myself.
— Aleena

When I’m at camp I feel fortunate and important. Without WEHGC I would never have found myself. I feel like here I really matter and I have a voice.
— Nelia

When I’m at camp I feel ALIVE!
— Ashley

Before I found out about the WEHGC I had absolutely nothing to do at home. I never left the house and I didn’t have many friends because they were always extremely busy with their own summer camps and other summer vacation plans. But after going to WEHGC I was suddenly able to meet a whole bunch of other girls my age who shared the same interests as me. We were also able to enjoy life out in the woods and experience many new things. WEHGC is a great opportunity for girls of all ages to learn so many new facts and for girls to be able to do so much more than they ever could if they were home all summer. Thanks to WEHGC I’ve been able to create a bond so deep with all my other cabin mates that not even time can shatter.
— Jessica

WEHGC was the first sleep-a-way camp I’ve been to. I was only 11 at the time and as an inexperienced, naïve child I got homesick except that was only the beginning to a brand new perspective and environment. Throughout that two-week session, I have to admit I had the most fun that summer. Not only did I meet new friends who became my family, WEHGC became my second home. I became more experienced in paddle boating, basketball, and arts & crafts. This camp truly bonded my genuine personalities to who I am. It has connected me to my surroundings and accept nature with love.
— Daisy

Being at camp has changed me for the good. I have become more confident in who I am rather than who I should be. Having an experience to go to camp and learning new things, give many young girls the opportunity to discover themselves. WEHGC has formed many bonds between the staff and campers, and the camper themselves. We have become a family. DNA doesn’t make a family, camp does.
— Tamara

WEHGC is not just a lake house to me, it is my home. And the other campers are not just my bunkmates, they are my family. We will lose our tans, our summer bracelets, and our bug bites but we will forever cherish the connections we made with the natural atmosphere as well as the friendships that were formed. The piercing sound of the arrows as I hit my first bulls-eye, the silky water tickling my feet as I kayak, and the crackle of the fire are feelings that changed me.
— Julia

My brother has always bragged about how West End House Camp is so fun, and so you can imagine how excited I was three years ago when I found out that there was a girl’s camp too! I was your average stereotypical teen, glued to screens and not really interested in anything else. But WEHGC changed me. I know that sounds super cheesy, but that’s what it did. I’m no longer the electronics-oriented brat I used to be. I’ve become the girls who appreciates nature and takes every opportunity to go outside. I’ve also made friends at camp and we share a lasting bond that not even distance or age difference can sever. I still remember the first time I went tubing at WEHGC last year, and I can still see Johanna, one of the counselors, screaming her head off. The counselors are so compassion, and it’s great to see the act like kids, just like us. I’ll definitely keep coming back to camp and probably even become a counselor so that I can watch this wonderful place grow and become an even better home than it already is.
— Ina

At this camp it allowed me to meet many people. There are very nice staff who are very trust worthy. As each year passes I am able to enjoy new and fun activities like archery, swimming, and wood burning. As the camp grows, so do I. For example this camp has taught me to interact with others and learn different ways to handle situation. While I am at camp it doesn’t feel like just a camp it feels like a second family because of all the wonderful campers and staff.
— Kelly

I have been going to this camp ever since it all started and it’s hard to put into words how this camp has impacted my life. Before I came here, my summers were spent on the couch being bored and miserable because frankly, I had nothing to do… well, besides summer work. Now, I get to come up to Maine to my second home and admire the beautiful scenery with my new best friends and family. I have met so many amazing people who care for me unconditionally, and that is a feeling like no other. I have had the chance to do things I’ve never done before, like tubing and paddle boarding. I’ve learned to appreciate nature and the beauty of it. I feel blessed and lucky to have had come here, and I hope to continue to come to WEHGC for many years to come.
— Ruby

Hi my name is Trina. I have been going to camp for 4 years now and they have been the best years of my life. Camp has changed my life and myself for the good. I could never imagine myself spending a whole week with a group of girls and staff that I’ve never met before. But it turned out I had a blast! Camp has made me a more confident woman and also believing that being yourself is awesome. The staff and the other campers are very compassionate and welcome us back to camp with open arms. Here, we have created a family. I hope other girls will be able to experience the same things I have when they come to camp!
— Trina

The WEHGC is a transformational experience for girls. It helps them gain independence and confidence in themselves by trying new experiences and meeting new people. Girls leave camp feeling empowered for the year ahead, and the memories they take with them last a lifetime.
— Deborah Re | Chief Executive Officer Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

I found everything to be wonderful about the camp. My daughter went to camp shy and came back a completely different person. She had a better outlook on things in general.
— Camper Parent

I can tell what a meaningful and transformative experience the West End House Girls Camp was for my students by the way they talk about their time in Maine. Whenever I ask them about their experience, they smile as they recount inside jokes, stories from camping trips, and tales of the people they met at camp. It is clear to me that the West End House Girls Camp creates a welcoming, positive environment in which the girls are able to build strong relationships with their fellow campers and the camp’s staff and counselors.
— Dora Lubin | Program Director SquashBusters