The Summer of a Lifetime

Summer Camp Should be Epic

West End House Girls Camp (WEHGC) is an overnight summer camp for girls ages 7-15, located in Southern Maine on the shores of Long Pond. The WEHGC experience is intentionally small, progressively multi-cultural, and 100% camper-focused.

‘I AM’ is what defines the West End House Girls Camp: I AM Strong, I AM Courageous, I AM Intelligent, I AM ME. Send your girl to a place where they will be encouraged to be their best-self, gain lifelong friendships, and return home saying, “Camp was awesome! Can I go back next year?”


The Summer of a Lifetime Awaits…



At the West End House Girls Camp we are committed to the growth and empowerment of our campers. The mission of WEHGC is to positively influence the lives of the girls by providing them with skills, support, and opportunities needed to grow into healthy, productive, and responsible women in an inclusive and intentionally multi-cultural environment.



Camp life at WEHGC is filled with adventure and fun all day long! Campers begin their day with a delicious breakfast and fill their morning with activities. After lunch our campers kick back and relax for an hour of rest time before engaging in a full afternoon of additional activities. The evening time hosts our camp-wide activities including WEHGC classics: Gold Rush, Talent Show, and Counselor Hunt! Each evening is capped off with a campfire, s’mores and singing.



Mentors, heroes, confidants, friends - West End House Girls Camp staff are one-of-a-kind and what your kids will talk about long after camp ends. Hailing from all over the world, our staff are diverse, mature, fun, and a little quirky. Our leadership team combines many years of camp experience to build a solid foundation for our program.

Being at camp has changed me for the good. I have become more confident in who I am rather than who I should be. Having an experience to go to camp and learning new things gives many young girls the opportunity to discover themselves. WEHGC has formed many bonds between the staff and campers, and the camper themselves. We have become a family. DNA doesn’t make a family, camp does.
— Tamara L. | Alumni
We will lose our tans, our summer bracelets and our bug bites, but we will forever cherish the connections we made with the natural atmosphere as well as the friendships that were formed.
— Julia C. | Camper
I get to come up to Maine to my second home and admire the beautiful scenery with my new best friends and family. I have met so many amazing people who care for me unconditionally, and that is a feeling like no other.
— Ruby M. | Camper
Camp has made me a more confident woman and also believing that being yourself is awesome.
— Trina L. | Camper
I found everything to be wonderful about the camp. My daughter went to camp shy and came back a completely different person.
— Susan | Camper Parent