Camp Transportation Information

Camp Drop Off Location 

West End House Girls Camp is located at:  39 Pineridge Road | Parsonsfield, ME 04047 

Driver’s please note: if your directions do not take you to Road Between the Ponds, your information may be incorrect. Do not drive down Pine Ridge Road, instead look for the Girl’s Camp sign off “Road Between the Ponds”. Please also note that GPS does not work at times due to internet connection issues. Print directions before leaving. Please call us for assistance at (207) 625-8221. 

If you are providing the transportation for your camper, please plan to drop-off your child between 12pm - 1pm (please do not arrive early as staff are busy prepping camp for an amazing experience for your camper and gates will be locked) and pick-up your child promptly on Departure Day at 10am. 

View Google Map and get Directions 

Arranging Your Transportation 

You will indicate your transportation choice (Drop-off or charter bus) in the online parent center when you enroll. While many parents will drop their child off at camp, we do offer bus transportation alternatives. If no transportation is scheduled in the parent center the camper will be automatically listed as a car drop off and pick up. All changes in transportation must be made in writing, emailed to

No child will be permitted to leave camp with anyone other than their parent or guardian without written consent from their parent or guardian. Consent can be provided through the parent center. 

Communication Regarding Delays, Changes and Emergencies

If unforeseen circumstances may affect a scheduled pick-up or drop- off time or location, West End House Girls Camp staff will contact the primary cell phone listed for each camper that may be affected via text. If the text is not received a call will be made. If any kind of emergency occurs, all parents will be called on the primary cell phone listed for each camper that may be affected. If we cannot get a hold of the parent a voicemail will be left when possible and other phone numbers and/or email addresses may be called or emailed to ensure that updated information has been passed on. 

Bus Transportation 

West End House Girls Camp offers pick-up and drop-off in Boston, MA.

Location: Saint Joseph's Preparatory High School - Boston, MA

Bus Pick Up (Arrival Day) 

Buses to camp will depart from St. Joseph's Preparatory School at 10:00am sharp on arrival day mornings. Please plan your arrival at least 15 – 30 minutes prior to departure. If you are running late to the pick-up location, please call WEHGC’s cell phone at 857-777-6535. Lunch will be provided at camp. A light snack and bottled water is recommended for the journey. WEHGC will email/text all parents when the buses arrive at WEHGC. Please read our Transportation Rules for buses located at the bottom of this document. 

Bus Departure (Departure Day) 

The buses will arrive at the drop off location at 12:30pm on departure day. Please plan your arrival 15 – 30 minutes early. Please remember to pick up your camper’s luggage! Typically, campers do not pack as well as parents and may have more bags than when they arrived at camp. WEHGC will inform parents if the bus is running more than 20 minutes late by texting the primary cell phone on file for each camper. Please have your ID ready. WEHGC will check to make sure the campers leave with an identified parent or guardian. If someone other than a parent or guardian will be collecting your child from the drop off location, please make sure you send an email to WEHGC at at least 24 hours in advance. We will not release a camper to a non-custodial adult without written permission. 

Transportation Rules for Arrival & Departure 

West End House Girls Camp’s primary concern is for the safety of the campers in our care. For that reason, we would like to bring to attention the following rules for our buses and vans. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for sharing this information with your camper. 

• No excessive noise or rowdiness. 

• No horseplay. 

• No body parts are permitted outside of the vehicle. 

• In the case of buses, campers and staff are to remain in their seats and not standing in the aisles. When being transported in a camp vehicle (bus or van) all passengers must remain seated when the vehicle is moving. 

• Make sure that all doors are locked before departing. 

• Throwing litter from a vehicle is prohibited.  

• Throwing objects is prohibited. 

• Playing music at a volume that distracts the driver is prohibited.  

• Behavior unacceptable in camp will not be tolerated outside of camp.