Our campers live in cedar cabins with 10 age similar bunkmates and 2-4 counselors. Each cabin features solid wood bunk beds, full size twin mattresses and cubbies. Each cabin has a front porch with hammock swings and additional seating areas.

Two private bathroom and shower facilities are inside each cabin including two mirrors and two sinks. Each cabin has multiple electrical outlets for personal fans, nightlights, or hairdryers. Campers bring their own bedding including linens, pillow, and sleeping bag.

During the session, campers are responsible for keeping their area clean and the bunk is responsible for daily community cabin cleaning. At camp, we believe in making even the most mundane task fun and we host a competition every session between cabins for the cleanest cabin. Scored daily, the winning cabin receives an all-you-can-eat ice cream party at the end of the session. It’s fierce competition among the cabins and WEHGC has been known for keeping some of the cleanest cabins in the industry (no kidding!).